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Ritzy Real-estate Management Accounting Software is loved by the clients for its amazingly simple user interface and impressive accounting features.
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Advanced Property Management

Ritzy Real-estate Management Software is a custom made solution for real estate agencies of all sizes. This wonderful solution offers cutting edge property management, efficient sales process control, and amazing automation experience for agents and brokers. Ritzy helps you generate and convert more potential leads and win more deals with ease. Ritzy can take your real estate initiative to the new heights of success

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Tenants & Contracts

Easy to use options are available for generating tenancy agreement forms. This form includes all the required details for property contract management.

Premises Management

The software helps tenants find suitable properties looking into the inclusive details of apartments, flats, shops, offices and villas including amenities and facilities information.

Invoicing & Accounting

Ritzy allows you receive payments from tenants, generate automated invoices in quick steps and provide comprehensive options for accurate accounting management.

Reports & Analysis

Easily get precise and actual reports in a wide range of formats like Excel, Word, PDF, Text etc. Reports can be customized with the details you need.

Reliable, Tailor Made, and Error-Free Solution

If your real estate initiative really wants to win new big deals and grow big, Ritzy Software is here to help you. Read below why this solution is a different.

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